Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coolspring June 2017 Day 1

Heading Out

Oh. My. Goodness! How early do you leave on road trips? We left at 5:45 AM! Luckily Xyra had the truck almost completely packed so I just had to roll out of bed and into my clothes for the day. I think I remember carrying the bag of chargers and my pillow out and a stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Then I was out for the rest of the drive.


Of course, when we got on the power museum grounds we had to set up the tent. There were a few more people where Xyra and Franz usually set up. They kept joking about "the neighborhood." Anyway, the tent went up in no time and we were all set.
Tent selfie!

First Stop

My first stop was over to the Windy City Blaisdell engine. I love that one. 
They have these new "guides" in some of the buildings so you can read about the exhibit if the engineer is not present or is busy and can't answer questions.

Up On the Hill

After that it was time to head up on the hill to Friends Exhibit Hall for dinner. 
I stopped at the Snow first.
Just a group of volunteers who gather for good food and fellowship.
This year's focus engine was the hot air engine. These are two small examples.
Aren't they neat?

After Dinner

Work doesn't stop after dinner around here. Professor M and Franz and a whole lot of others had to reset the twin.
They added a spot for a helper or electric starter. Now that they get up to 12 engines running at one time, it's nice to have a helper on engines like the twin that can be difficult to start.
Check out all the stuff needed for the move. That is one heavy engine and one heavy lifter!

That's all for day one! Please come back again. Tomorrow I get to tell you about our trip into Punxy!

Tchau! Atè mais tarde!


  1. The guides are a great idea, especially for someone new coming to visit who might feel funny about asking too many questions. Did you like the Snow?

  2. What an interesting place to visit. I love old engines - mostly because my dad did. We always stopped at the steam engine exhibit at the county fair. Dad usually knew what all the engines were for. Brings back great memories.

    1. Very nice! Glad we could help bring a smile to your day. :)