Friday, June 9, 2017

Blogging Awards 2017

Award Season

Unlike movies, music, and TV awards season, blog awards can happen at any time. 
And even though we have been nominated for each of these before; we are extremely grateful to be nominated again and will gladly take part. Can you imagine an actor turning down a 2nd or 3rd SAG award? Just look at Adele and all her Grammy's. 

Thank you, Geeky Girl (The Dolls of Texas), for nominating Xyra for these awards. 
We also want to thank all of our readers and fellow bloggers for the support and love and motivation you give us with your comments and page views! Not to mention the inspiration from your posts.

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank the blogger who nominated you! Don't forget a linky.
Give a little history on how your blog got started.
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
Nominate...okay, here I'm making a slight change...three (3) bloggers who inspire you.

History and How I Got Started
When we bought our first digital camera, I started taking photographs of Melody in the outfits I had in my collection (a lot fewer back then). I took the photos and made an album called Melody's Fashion Project. I still have that album.

Flash forward to January 2013...a dear friend who knew I liked American Girl dolls sent me an email with the link to her niece's doll blog. Hannah introduced me to Doll Diaries and Doll Diaries led me to a few other blogs. Cue Gru's voice, "Lightbulb!" I could put those fashion project photos to work!

Of course, I wanted to be a little unique so I added in the part about tea. The first Tea Time with Melody Q post went live on January 8, 2013 and I've never looked back.

My Advice

  1. My creative writing teachers have always advised, "Write what you know." and when you branch out, do a lot of research first. I think this is wonderful advice. Start off looking at who you are and what you love to do. Blogging should be fun (even though a lot of work goes into it), so focus on the things you really enjoy. If you want to try something new, find out all the details first. Learn about the place or activity and create from there.
  2. Blogging should be fun. However, there will be times when it feels more like work. When you don't want to do it or when you just don't have time. Don't panic! Keep Calm and Be True to You! Those blips on the calendar just mean it is time for some R&R, rest and relaxation/recuperation/recreation. Take a day or so to do something goofy; something that makes you laugh and feel good; something that inspires you. Your readers will understand and will be there when you get back refreshed.

My Nominees

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank the blogger who nominated you! Don't forget a linky.
Answer eleven questions.
Ask eleven questions
Nominate...I'm making the same change...three (3) bloggers who brighten your day.

Questions to Answer

  1. Do you have a pet? Yes, we have 6 cats, a guinea pig, and a house bunny. Sometimes you will see one photobomb a post.
  2. What would you tell your younger self if you could go into the past? You can't make everyone happy. Be yourself and be good to others; don't worry too much, but just enough.
  3. If you could get a unicorn, what would you name it and what would it look like? Pure white with a long mane and tail and a spiral horn. Her coat and horn would shimmer in all light. her name would be Millicent.
  4. What is your favorite book series? A very hard choice. However, The Cat Who mystery series and Harry Potter series I can read over and over and over. 
  5. What's your hair color? Naturally chameleon - on its own sometimes it is blonde or brown or red. (Hey, Geeky girl, sounds like we have similar hair!)
  6. What's your favorite show/movie? Again, a very hard choice. There are movies I watch over and over and over. Some become comfy and background, some I can't tear my eyes away when I start watching. I'm choosing one of the latter today...A League of Their Own.
  7. If you could be rich for a day, what would you buy? This depends on the amount. I'd pay off my bills first, then I'd buy a lot of stuff for our local food pantry and give donations to my church and favorite charities. Then I'd update my wardrobe.
  8. What's your favorite food? Popcorn
  9. Who's your favorite Disney Princess? Cinderella, Aurora, Pochahontas, Mulan, and Merida.
  10. What's your favorite social media thing (facebook, google+, pinterest, tumblr, twitter, etc.)? There are pros and cons to all. I think I end up on Pinterest a lot.
  11. What's your biggest dream? To sing a solo without getting so nervous I can't see. 

Questions for My Nominees
[It was brought to my attention that sometimes quizzes like this can include popular security questions, so I'm tailoring my questions away from that kind of thing.]

  1. What is your favorite type of blog post?
  2. Of your dolls, which is your favorite?
  3. What doll is at the top of your wish list?
  4. Do you schedule your posts or just post what your mood tells you that day?
  5. What type of camera do you use for your photos?
  6. Have you crafted anything for your dolls?
  7. Do you like board games? If yes, what is your favorite?
  8. Did you see Fantastic Beasts? If yes, what is your favorite creature?
  9. Do you YouTube?
  10. Do you prefer cake or pie?
  11. Do you ice cream or pudding?

My Nominees

Thank you again! Happy blogging all!


  1. Thanks for the nomination! I am working on a blog post in response. I enjoyed reading more about you, and I hope you are blessed with the bravery to sing solo soon!

    1. You're welcome. Looking forward to seeing your post. :)