Thursday, July 17, 2014

Liebster Award July 2014

Thank You, Sophia M.

Sophia kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. She has a great blog...check it out when you get a chance.

Liebster with a Twist

This Liebster Award has a bit of a twist, so we are going to twist it further.

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra

First - 11 Facts

I am the eldest in the family and really like playing board games. (2)
I really like polka dots and I collect sunglasses. (4)
I love lingonberries and baking. (6)
My favorite catalog is Ikea's because I can day dream about redecorating. Chocolate chip pancakes are a super treat! (8)
I'm the youngest and I like drawing and coloring. (10)
I don't like onions or peppers or squash. (11)

Sophia's Questions to Xyra

  1. If a man walked into an elevator with you, and was struggling to reach a button, would you press it for him?
  2. You are walking down the street and pass a shoe sale. What do you do?
    Go in and look around. Who can resist a shoe sale?
  3. Do you eat cranberries?
    Not raw, but I like them baked or dried.
  4. What would you do if you put your hands in the sand at a beach then they were stuck?
    Hopefully my friend would be close by and dig me free.
  5. I man walks up to you and starts talking a weird language to you. He is waving his arms around like crazy and slaps you 3 times. You've never seen him before in your life. Do you:
    A. Call the police.
    B. Start trying to copy his language and talk back.
    C. Get an adult to help.
    D. Take a selfie with him and text it to a bff.
    None of the above. I would probably say, “I don’t understand” and walk away. Unless I recognized the language, then I would state the same thing and try to get help.
  6. Do you take selfies?
  7. Do you text?
  8. Can Auntie-Anne's pretzels be used as weapons?
    I suppose the stale ones could, but who let’s an Auntie Anne’s get stale?
  9. Name 2 weird things that you eat or drink.
    At Rita’s I like to mix the mango water ice with chocolate custard. I used to dip my raw carrot sticks in mustard.
  10. Why do you have a blog?
    A friend introduced me to her niece’s blog when I saw it and some of the others I remembered the fashion project I had started with Melody and knew I could use those pictures to get started. I wanted to share my dolls and my love of tea with everyone.
  11. If you could go shopping with 7 bloggers, who would they be?
    Clarisse, Rhonda, Char, Amaya, You (Sophia), Lu, and

Our Task for You

Comment below and leave one unique fact about you (no personal information) and answer the following 4 questions:
  1. If you has space in your house for an 18" doll dollhouse, how many rooms would it have?
  2. What would you like to learn how to make for your 18" doll?
  3. What is your favorite picnic activity?
  4. What is your favorite pizza topping?

Best wishes!


  1. Nice answers! I'd love to go shopping with you too. :) I had weird questions, didn't I? Glad you like my blog. :)


  2. Unique fact: I don't really care for seafood. Occasionally I like some seafood, but not always.

    1. I actually do have a dollhouse. It is an ikea storage unit with three shelves. (One for each floor.)

    2. I would like to learn how to make more doll clothes. :)

    3. I don't really have a favorite picnic activity. xD

    4. My favorite pizza topping is....nothing. I eat pizza plain. ;)

    ~ Mint

  3. Nice!
    Have you seen the Wren*Feathers blog? She shares a lot of doll patterns and is very helpful with tips.