Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Coolspring 2014 June Expo IV

Day Four: Exploring the Grounds

Who Likes Ice Cream?

Melody told me how good the ice cream is here on the museum grounds. She was not wrong! It’s fabulous!
They use the engines to run the churns. You can see them running behind the building. 

When I got there they had Cherry, Vanilla, Maple Nut, and Butter Pecan ready to serve. It's super fresh...straight from churn to customer.
I got cherry. Yum!

During the Expo they also made Oreo, blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate. Which flavor would you have liked best?

Out Buildings

Then we were off to explore the reconstructed, reproduction demonstration buildings in the woods. Our first stop was Sudlow Station.
There is a 9hp Parmaco engine and pump inside, but the lighting wasn't quite right for a good picture.
Close by is the Aaron Nagy Eclipse Exhibit. It shows how oil was pumped.

Inside is a Myrick Eclipse engine and pump jack.
Don't you just love the office space?
Check out the phone! It was smart back in the day. You connected to the operator first - perhaps one named Sarah (like SIRI). She would know everything going on in town and could connect you to almost everyone.
I wanted to go see the loft, but it was too high for me.

This is the back porch. The pipe leads to a container to catch the "oil."
This is the Aaron Nagy Pumping Power exhibit.
The engine is a 12hp ARACO.
These buildings were set up like they would have been back when the engines were in daily use. They had an office and loft for sleeping so the maintainers could easily record, repair, and report activity.
This is the creek that runs around the grounds. This year it ran through the grounds too. Lots of rain and some natural blockages in the creek made the water find another path to flow.
This was my last day at Coolspring (I hope to come back again in the future, but will have to wait for my turn). We stayed one more night then packed up an headed home in the morning. Come back to see where we stopped on the way home.

Best wishes,

Note: If you click the links above you will go to the main exhibits page. Scroll down to the building mentioned and click tour for more information on the exhibit.



  1. Kaya is a girl after my own heart as far as ice cream goes. I would choose the cherry too. Looks yummy; you can't beat homemade, cranked ice cream. Love all the engines too. Kaya learned a lot on this trip.

  2. Wow, I'd love to go there. Kaya is lucky!

    1. It really is a very interesting place. Something for everyone. Just wear practical shoes. :)