Monday, July 14, 2014

Tea Review: Downton Related

Two Teas Being Reviewed

If you remember back to the spring Melody and I visited Winterthur Museum with Nana Kestrel and her friends. We saw the Downton Abbey costume exhibit and attended their Downton Abbey Tea. We bought two teas during our visit; they are from different tea companies. However, both companies are favorites of ours.

Tea for Two

Melody, Kirsten, both

Hey, Mel, are these the teas you brought back from the Downton Abbey tea?
Yes. The Grantham Breakfast Blend is from The Republic of Tea. Winterthur's Afternoon Tea is from Eastern Shore Tea Company.
The Grantham blend sounds yummy. "Sticky ginger pudding" who can resist that?

Let's make both. I'll get a bag from the tin.
It does smell wonderful!
Okay. Let's look at the Winterthur's Afternoon Tea. The cashier asked if we realized this was loose not bagged tea. (giggling) I know it matters to some, but not us. I'll get the glass pot.
The back gives you a history of the design and other Winterthur information as well as a description of the blend. This is a milk required in this one. Probably no sugar needed either.
There is something white in here.
Really? What could it be?
A little linen sack.
Oh. (laughing) It's a reusable tea bag. Says so right here on the package. I guess the cashier didn't know that was in there.
Cool! We'll set it aside since we're using the glass pot. 1 teaspoon in the pot.
And one bag in the mug.
Timer set for 5 minutes.
Both are really dark and rich with 2 minutes remaining.

Done! I love how this smells.
Add a bit of honey...
And some milk...stir.
This is Winterthur's Afternoon Tea. It looks and smells really good. I don't even know how to explain the aroma...but if you've ever been to a Chinese restaurant that gives you a pot of hot tea when you sit down...this smells like that...mysterious and exotic.
I am going to add a tiny bit of agave to it.
This Grantham Breakfast smells wonderful too. The ginger is really right there.
Yeah, it is! Let me taste, please.
Wow! I don't know about ginger pudding, but just like this it tastes like a gingersnap cookie dunked in milk.
Really? My turn.
You're right!
Now for Winterthur's Afternoon Tea. You go first, Mel.
Okay. Mmmmm. Exotic!
Yeah. Good tea!
I bet the Winterthur Afternoon Tea will be refreshing iced.
[Xyra note: It is good cold.]

Which do you think would be your favorite?

Best wishes,

Other tea related items available at Winterthur Shop Online.

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  1. Oh! The ginger would definitely be my favorite! I love anything ginger. This was an interesting review, and Felicity was excited to see the tea. We have been having some iced tea this summer, but I know they drink hot tea all year round in other places.
    ~ Kiki

  2. I'm glad you and Felicity enjoyed the review. We still like to have hot tea in the morning then iced tea the rest of the day. Unless it is really hot out - then we drink iced tea for breakfast too. :-)

    Ginger peach tea makes great iced tea.