Monday, July 21, 2014

Cindson's Daylilies

Lanie and Lulu Go Exploring

The other day Lulu and I got to take a trip with Xyra. We found a gate to a secret garden.

Lanie, Lady Daylily

I wonder where this leads?
Oooo. Stay close, Lulu. Don't get lost...I think we are going to like it here. This fox statue is cute.
Hello, I'm Lady Daylily. Who has wandered into my garden?
(startled) Hello..., I'm Lanie...and this is my bunny Lulu.
I'm happy to meet you.
I'm into gardening. Would you mind telling us, well, me about the flowers?
Sure. The daylillies by the fox are called Wild One. The shorter plants are coral bells and petunias.

I can get a better view of these from here. Such pretty colors!
Ah, yes. The yellow double are called Mt. Helena. The purple ones are Kansas Kitten and, on the left by your feet, is Auspicious.
I think Kansas Kitten is my favorite in this area.

Look, Cinderella's carriage. What fun!
Now, those, at the front of the carriage are called Buffy's Doll.
Buffy's doll is really pretty.
And behind the carriage are Intricate Eyes.
The pink touches on this one are so very pretty.
I wonder how many different daylilies there are?
There are nearly 60,000 varieties of daylilies, but only around 30,000 are available on the market.
Indeed. Here you are among Indian Giver, Lemon Shadows, Lover Lips, and Miss Jessie's World varieties.
All of these are so very nice.

Look at this big bunny, Lulu! Don't worry, she's too big to carry back. Cute statue though.
Thank you.
Such lovely gardens. Thank you so very much, Lady Daylily, for giving us a tour.
You're welcome, Lanie. Come again to see some of the others in bloom.
We'd like that.
(waving good-bye)

Do you have a favorite from the daylilies pictured?
What about a favorite flower?

Best wishes!


  1. Very adorable. Nice job! :) Sounds like our dolls had a similar adventure. :) (I had already taken all of the photos and everything before I saw this, I'm not trying to copy) :)


    1. No worries. This is the time of year for garden tours. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  2. Love it! Very scientific :) Well, kinda...

    1. Thank you. :-) The Latin names would have been more scientific, but we wouldn't have remembered them as well.

  3. My favorite day lilies are the dark-colored ones. You can see a few of them in the second-to-last picture. My favorite flower is a daisy! :) I love the carriage!!

    ~ Mint

    1. Seems we have similar taste in flowers. The daisy is one of my favorites too.

  4. I awarded you -
    ♥ Autumn

  5. Pretty photoshoot! I really like the 3rd photo.

    1. Thank you. The first, third, and eighth are favorites. :-)