Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Review: Return to Howliday Inn

Return to Howliday Inn by James Howe

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Hey, guys! You have to read this book!
Really? What is it? 
It's from the Bunnicula series.
And the title?
Return to Howliday Inn.
Where'd you get it?
Xyra and I found it in the flea market portion of the Coolspring Power Museum Expo. It was super cheap! We read while watching the engines run.
While watching?
Well, I guess we were really listening to them run. Those engines make some great music.
So tell us more.
I loved it! It was fun, interesting, a bit scary, and a little sad. Harold and the others, except Bunnicula, were boarded at Chateau Bow Wow while the Monroes went on vacation. They met a whole new set of pets, but Georgette did show up near the end. It made me wonder how our pets feel when we go away and leave them behind.
Tatlo missed you the most.
Mmm...Anyway, the ending wasn't bad at all - kind of happy.
I'll read it next!
Here, you go.

Xyra's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is the third Bunnicula book I have read and loved. This one you really shouldn't read without reading Howliday Inn first. There are many references back to the first without a lot of explanation - even I had to search my memory a little to have everything make sense.

Part of me was disappointed by the book description by the book description.  Jill and Dr. Greenbriar were supposed to make things better, a lot better, and the description made it sound as if they failed. Things were not worse in regards to what happened during the first books. In fact, things were not as bad as the main cast of characters thought it was going to be.

In this book Harold, Chester, and Howie are taken back to Chateau Bow Wow when the Monroes go on vacation. The trio meet a new set of boarded pets and fall into a new adventure to seemingly help the ghost of a previous guest. Together they team up to discover the secret of Chateau Bow Wow. In the end they help out a big friend.

James Howe's story and writing elicited several emotions and even brought tears to my eyes a few times. While he style may seem light, as narrated by a dog, and targeted for younger readers, the theme and subject matter are quite thought provoking. This installment's poignant message revolved around what happens to older pets of elderly owners (but not that way).

Check back in the future to see what the others thought of this book.

Do you have a favorite book series? If yes, what is it and why?

Best wishes and happy reading!

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