Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini Adventure #8

Mountain Climbing Discovery

Felicity, Rebecca, both

Not Exactly a Pot of Gold

Look! There is something on top of this mountain.
Rebecca! We should not be climbing mountains in our new dresses!
Just be careful and get up here!
Oh, all right!
Let's open it!
It's a small tea cup; a demitasse cup.
With a spoon and tea!
Great find!
What kind of tea?
Ashby's Cinnamon Plum.
Let's rest before carrying this back with us.

Do you remember seeing the little package before? It was one of the things Xyra and I brought back from The Queen's Treasures warehouse sale. 
It's a party favor, similar to this one only smaller. I'm looking forward to doing a tea review on this blend.
You bet!

Best wishes,