Friday, July 25, 2014

Outfit Review: OG Wherever and Ever

You've Seen This Reviewed Before

If you follow Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog, then you saw Madelon review this little Our Generation outfit. It was that review that convinced me that we needed it in our wardrobe (I had picked it up and put it back several times before seeing this review). To see that review, click any of the links.

Our Generation Outfits

Our Generation products can be a great alternative for the budget conscious. The quality of the items is very good. The dolls are pretty and have great back stories. The horses and foals come with a lot of accessories. The outfits are fun, great for mixing and matching, and affordable. The brand is available at Target stores and on and I believe that KMart has recently announced adding the product line as well (not positive on this).

Wherever and Ever

The Wherever and Ever outfit caught my eye because of the color...different shades of purple. Love purple. Plus seersucker shorts and an eyelet top...two of my favorite summer fabrics. The added bonus is this 4 piece outfit is in the $12.99 section of OG fashion. Let's check it out.


Here we see Lanie in the complete outfit holding the model picture from the package.
A close up of the package photo.
Back view.
The shrug is a very pretty lavender. (One drawback with the shrug - the tag is in the one sleeve and huge. You have to tuck it in carefully or it hangs out. We'll be cutting it out shortly.)
Without the shrug you can see the top better.
The eyelet top is a baby doll, tank style with elastic shirring at the top.
There is a Velcro closure in back, but the back does not fully separate. Lanie (or whoever is wearing it that day) must step into the top.
The shorts have a purple striped belt or faux belt.
Here you can see the Velcro closure in back. The shorts are a little snug around the waist for Lanie.
Adorable shoes! (Remember these from the Whose Shoes? post?) They fit well, are easy to get on, and they stay on.


Why do we have two models? So you can see how the outfit fits on the different body types. Haley has a slimmer body.

Here we see Haley in the complete outfit. You can see how the colors work for both light and dark haired as well.
Without the shrug you can see how the entire outfit looks a little bigger on Haley.
From behind as well. The shorts are not as snug.
In fact, they are kind of baggy. You can see a gap at the waist and how they sit lower on Haley's hips exposing the waistband of her panties.

Overall, I am really glad we added this outfit to our collection.

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Who do you think wears it best?

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  1. I have the same outfit and I LOVE it! I especially love the shorts it come with :) I think Lanie and Haley look equally adorable in the outfit!

    1. The shorts are great! Lanie is wearing them with a solid white tee shirt right now. Very versatile. Yes, they both look great. :)

  2. I think Haley wears it best, I will definitely check out OG at Target and maybe get some new clothes.

    1. Haley sasy, "Thank you." she really likes that outfit.
      Karen Mom of Three's blog is showing off some great retro styles of the new OG releases.

  3. Adorable outfit! :) I love it on Lanie!

    ~ Mint

  4. That's a super cute outfit! I especially love the shorts, they're so summery!

  5. I agree they both look great in it. It's a really cute outfit and the shoes look like jelly shoes!

    1. They are. I love the purple jelly shoes. It's fun to see through them. :)