Sunday, July 7, 2013

We Are Here! We Are Here!

Checking In

We piled in the car and headed out to Camp Doll Diaries. Xyra dropped us off and we followed the signs to Check In.

We were a little nervous at first. But it was super easy. we met our Counselor, Roz, as she checked us in and gave us our shirts. Lanie is our Cabin Captain, so she got a pink shirt.
Our gear was stashed in the cabin and we headed out to make our camp ID badges. Lanie and I went first then Kaya and Kirsten. They look really cool. We agreed to go with the pale green lanyards so we'd match.

After that we headed to our cabin. It's cabin #4 - The Bison. Boy, did we get a surprise! A wild cat had infiltrated. Looked like a black panther even reminded us of Bagheera from the movie The Jungle Book.

Once the cat was ousted from our cabin we went in to become more comfortable with our surroundings. All is well in the cabin!

It's not too late to join in the fun. You can get instructions over at Doll Diaries for Check In activities or to go all the way beck to the original Camp Doll Diaries announcement.

Stay tuned for more from camp.

Best wishes,
The Bison Girls

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