Friday, July 26, 2013

Princess In the Castle

The Princess Test

Do you know the story of The Princess and the Pea? It's a story told by Hans Christian Andersen. And has been turned into a musical called Once Upon a Mattress. [Xyra's friends Master Bohnam and Master Space were in this once as the Jester and the Minstrel.]

At our camp today, they had everyone participate in a Princess Test that was based on that story. In the recreation hall was a bed piled high with blankets and mattresses. Each camper climbed to the top and rested there for 5 minutes.

First Kirsten.

Then Kaya.
Yes, the wildcats are following us around now.

Then Lanie.

Then me.

After everyone in camp had their turn Debbie pulled the marble out of the bed. 

Who do you think felt the marble, passed the test, and was declared a princess?

Wasn't me. I almost fell asleep during my turn.

Hail Princess Kaya'aton'my'!

We all waved to her as she waved from the balcony.


What's a castle without dragons? 
 Top row: Pippi, Becky, Heluwen; Bottom row: Aithra, Norbert
Aithra and Becky traded places.

Have a great day!

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  1. That was so cute!

  2. I love your "Princess Test" sign! How did you make it?

    1. The frame is from IKEA it is two sided. Sized for a 3x5 picture. It cost 97 cents.

      Then I took one of the extra Camp Doll Diaries logos from the Camp Signs post printable sheet and taped it on piece of grey paper cut to 3x5 size at a spot where I still had room to write underneath.

      I wrote Princess Test with a thin Crayola purple marker.

      Link to Camp Doll Diaries post:

      Hope this helps. :)