Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Saige & Molly

Saige Paints the Sky DVD Available TODAY!

If you aren't able to get the DVD for your collection...no worries, the movie airs on TV Saturday, July 13. 8PM eastern/7PM central on NBC. You can pop some popcorn and have your own party! Wear beige or be super colorful!

Molly Wish List

My sisters and I have looked through Molly McIntyre's collection several times and this is what we've put on our wish list.

Molly's Schoolbag ($28)

Molly's Lunchbox ($28)

Molly's Polka Dot Outfit ($28)

Molly's Swimsuit Set ($34)

Not a big list. However, it is still over $100. Lanie like the school bag & lunchbox best (says the lunch is very healthy), Kirsten thinks the Polka Dot outfit is really pretty, Kaya and I like the swimsuit best. Such decisions.

Molly Trivia: Changes For Molly

While Molly is home alone felling sad about not getting to be Miss Victory she gets a surprise...her dad comes home! 

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