Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camp: Hot, but Still Fun!

Quick Note From Xyra

This week's Camp Doll Diaries theme is Road Trip. If you are anywhere in the lower 48 states then you are experiencing temperatures from 80 - 110 degrees. In many places this is accompanied by high humidity causing an increase in temperature..."real feel" is what they call it on TV. In summer it goes up; in winter, wind chill makes it go down. Both are dangerous!

So drink lots of water; wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing & a hat; stay in the shade whenever air conditioning is unavailable; and use fans to move the air around. PLUS don't leave your children, elderly, pets, or dolls in the sun or a closed car...the results are disastrous!

Are you planning to actually go away this week? If yes, please leave your furry friends at home. And if this trip is your Camp Doll Diaries road trip...make sure you take your doll with you in a tote bag or backpack or something that will protect her from the sun.

Have a fun, safe week!
Best wishes,

It's Hot and So was Kaya

Kaya got feisty in crafts and...well, let's start there.

Crafts started out by the campfire circle today. Gus had us looking at these really neat rocks, stones, and pebbles. She told us to pick out our favorite.

We chose this one...big enough for all four of us.

Then it was back to the craft cabin where we got the rest of our instructions. Making/painting pet rocks.

And there went Kaya. I'm not sure Gus had ever met anyone who got upset by painting a rock. To most people it's a rock. To Kaya...not so much. She likes to do what she can to protect the earth. So painting a rock just isn't right. (I really do see Kaya’s point. Perhaps if the camp had Unearthed Paint she would have done the project like the other campers.)

Gus convinced her that having a pet rock would be fun, but she challenged Kaya to come up with another way to finish the project. After sitting thoughtfully for a bit, she smiled her little grin and went to talk to Gus. Gus laughed, congratulated Kaya on her idea and gave us permission to go to the Camp Office for an ID tag.
Meet Etan, our pet rock.

More Brain Exercises

Back in the cabin we found a stack of papers and clipboards. We each took one and looked it over. A word search! Yay! These are fun.
The theme was Talent Show. We each worked on our search alone until we got stuck. Then we pulled together. It's amazing how each of us could find different words from the list.

More tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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