Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From Cabin to Castle

Total Camp Redecorating!

Our branch of Camp Doll Diaries is taking this In the Castle theme seriously. The camp leaders got everyone together and proposed the project of the day...redecorating the cabins to be more castle like.

First, take down all personal artwork.
We carefully removed our posters and drawings. I put the smaller ones in a great little art portfolio (it's not finished, but easy to use.)

Second, take out all furnishings and rugs.

When everyone was back together again the camp leaders let us choose our "castle" poster and decor.

We chose Raglan Castle in Wales. Look at the picture closely...can you see why we chose this one?

This is our castle. 
Take a look back at earlier posts...can you find and name 3 differences?

Later in the day we all headed over to the recreation hall.

Roz and Gus were surfing the net looking for more royal baby information. They were laughing at the video of the "First Royal Wave."

Lanie and Debbie were working on the latest camp word search. Looks like it is almost done.

The rest of us just looked at cards and magazines while chatting.

We're still dressing nicely and having English foods for our meals. Love it!

Have a great day!

It's not too late to send your dolls to camp. Head over to Doll Diaries or the Camp Doll Diaries archive and look through the posts to chose your favorite activities. Remember, the previous weeks' giveaways are no longer active, but you can have fun doing the other things.

Thank you to everyone at Doll Diaries and their many contributors for some really great activities and printables. You're amazing.

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