Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Make Your Own Doll-Size Composition Books

Xyra Getting Crafty

While the girls are at camp, I've been thinking about school supplies.

On a recent trip to Staples I saw this great plastic protector cover for composition books. It even has a zipper pouch to hold a pencil or other small items. They were only $1, so I bought one to try. [It's really a nice product; fits well and should extend the life of the book a bit. ]

I removed the cardboard insert and placed the plastic sleeve over my book and was struck with a brainstorm...the black marble parts of the insert could be used to make doll-size composition books.

What you will need:

  • Composition Book Storage Jacket (You'll use that for yourself)
  • Jacket insert
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (or paper cutter - get parental supervision for a paper cutter)
  • lined paper

Since I'm making 4, I found that the center section of the jacket insert was perfect...3 inches wide. So I cut along the left side of the white box on the blue portion.
Then I cut along the right side of the white box on the pink side of the insert.

Flip the strip over so the plain brown side is showing.
Measure intervals of 2 inches on the long edges and draw a straight line between the two dots.

Cut along the lines to make four book covers.

I created and printed lined paper for inside, but you can use regular lined paper*. I trimmed the borders then cut down the center line so I had two strips 3" wide.

Take 12 of the 3x2 slips of paper and fold them in half.

Put one of the covers on the outside and staple.


Best wishes,

*On the lined paper measure a strip from the left border line and make a mark at 3 inches and again at 6 inches. Do the same at the bottom of the sheet and draw a straight line between the dots making two strips.Then mark the the length of the strips at 2 inch intervals. Cut so you get twelve (12) pieces measuring 3"w x 2" h. 


  1. I love that idea! It is so cute!

  2. That is such a good idea!!! I wonder if there are images of marble that could be printed onto cardstock if we were not able to find an insert!!! Awesome post!!!

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    2. That is a great idea! I googled composition books and clicked images. There are a lot to choose from.
      Thank you for sharing. :)