Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day USA!

Happy Birthday USA!

Today we celebrate the founding fathers (and mothers) who took a stand and fought to separate America from English rule to create the United States of America. At the time there were only 13 states we now number 50. We also celebrate the citizens who fought and gave of their lives to create this country and those throughout the centuries who have fought to keep our country free. Thank you for your convictions and your service.

We here at Tea Time with Melody Q wish you and your families a safe and Happy Independence Day/Fourth of July!


Sadly our copy of 1776 broke today. 
This Fourth will go by without hearing "Someone ought to open up a window" and "He plays the violin" and "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?" Respectful-Lee, for those who don't know, 1776 is a musical movie derived from a musical play based on a book by David McCullough.
I have not read the book, I hear it is very good. The movie/play is very interesting. May not be completely historically accurate, but what movie really is. It gives us a glimpse of what the Continental Congress went through to create the Declaration of Independence.

We are Headed to Camp!

The crew over at Doll Diaries started camp registrations back in May and the main session started June 3. I f you look closely at the first picture today, we're filling out our forms for second session though and hope to have a lot of fun there. What we have seen so far looks great.

We started looking to get gear together too. Lanie didn't have a bed roll so Xyra made this one up for her really quickly. 
It was a baby blanket from Dollar Tree. the leftover bits rolled together for a great pillow.


This is the finished cake from the other day. 
Doesn't it look lovely. It is very tasty. It's about half gone now.

Have a great day and night...enjoy those fireworks and band performances!

Best wishes,
Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, and Xyra

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