Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camp Day 3 - Nature Walk +

Last night was crazy! Some of our neighbors came over and we just got talking about ev-ery-thing! Roz and their camp counselor, Gus, got us all sorted out around midnight for lights out. I think we were still up after that planning today's big adventure.

Breakfast was pretty much the same as yesterday, but today we gathered stuff to make a picnic for our nature walk.

We hit the trails near camp and wandered into the woods. Kirsten lead for a bit. She got pretty far ahead because she kept walking (and wasn't carrying anything) while Lanie looked at every bug she came across or checked out bird noises with her binoculars and Kaya tried to keep the food basket from getting caught on any branches. I was last to shoo them along. We caught up to Kirsten in this clearing.
Then Kaya took the lead through the denser trees. We came out in another clearing with the sun shining down on us. It was so bright we almost sparkled. (tee hee) It's hot too. Already in the high 80s with matching humidity. 

We found a great mimosa tree to have lunch under. Kirsten and I spread the blanket out then put down the sit upons. Kaya laid out the food and Lanie gathered fallen blossoms as a decoration.

It was a tasty lunch.

These blossoms are funny - feathery and pretty.

On our way back to the main camp we passed this mountain of pink flowers. Perfect for getting a picture. I snapped a candid of the others.

Thankfully there were no wildcat invaders today and we could get into the cabin right away.

More tomorrow!
Have a great day!
The Bison Girls

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Note: All Photo challenges and giveaways from the earlier weeks have closed.

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