Friday, July 12, 2013

Camp Day 5

Week 6 at Camp Doll Diaries: Horsin' Around

We joined the fun a bit late, but are having fun tackling a lot of the activities. Today we spent in the stables with our favorite camp horse, Giselle. She is a Percheron*. So big and strong 3 of us easily get on her back.

This picture is from last night when we mucked out her stall.  Not a fun job, but it doesn't take long when 4 of us work together. We have fun with Giselle, but stay where she can see us, speak quietly, and move cautiously.

Today we got her all dressed up. Brushed her real nice. Put on her parade blanket with rosette and parade medallion.

This last picture is our favorite (Giselle is nuzzling Lanie's neck) and we're going to submit it for Natalie's Week 6 Photo Challenge.  The challenge deadline is midnight tonight.

Giselle is a great horse. She really enjoyed our attention and the fanfare.

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Have a great day!
Best wishes,
The Bison Girls
(Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, & Lanie)

* Percheron is the breed of horse Lenobia favors in the House of Night book series by PC & Kristen Cast.

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