Friday, July 19, 2013

More Our Generation Fun

Our Generation

While we were checking out the Our Generation website we found the fun stuff and drew a heart. It's not super fantastic, but we like it!

Check out our heart here I hope it shows up correctly. While you're there, draw your own heart. It's a lot of fun.

The Our Generation 1" doll line can be found at Target stores along with Hearts for Hearts 14" dolls.

Favorite Dolls

Favorite Outfits

Favorite Accessories

Aren't the names clever?

Molly Trivia: Changes for Molly

Molly's sister, Jill, curls Molly's hair by putting bobby pins in her wet hair at night and letting the hair dry.

Tea Fact

Garden tea is also called mint tea and can be brewed from mint grown in your garden. We like Apple Mint.

Sorry, nothing from camp today. Check for more tomorrow or Sunday.
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