Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp Day 2

Well, when you're at camp you don't get to sleep in.
The day started early...we had to be at the dining hall at 8 AM for breakfast. What a sight! There was a fresh fruit bar! Then you could choose hot Cream of Wheat, scrambled eggs, home fires, toast, a variety of cold cereals, plain yogurt, juices, milk, and hot chocolate!

After breakfast Roz took us on a guided tour of the camp so that we knew where to go for all the activities. Then it was back to the dining hall for lunch. They have a salad bar too! Chicken fingers, potato chips, pasta salad, corn, iced tea, fruit drinks, milk, and oatmeal cookies! And it's GOOD! We had heard horror stories about camp food being icky, but it's not.

After lunch we skipped over to the craft area to make sit upons. These will be great when we sit around the campfire.
Here we are getting instruction from Roz and completing the craft. They even have handy arm straps for easy carrying. 
Lanie & I went with a pink theme, but she chose grey and pink while I went brown and pink.
Kirsten and Kaya liked the blue and white pattern.

Then we headed back to the cabin...I think it is misnamed. Should really be called The Wildcats because we were invaded AGAIN! 
Sorry, the picture is blurry I was trying to stay out of sight and down wind. I don't know which one of us packed catnip, but something keeps bringing them to us.
Once the big cat left and headed back into the woods we were able to go inside and stash our sit upons for later.

That's all for today!
Have a great one!
The Bison/Wildcat Girls

Ps. We're all wearing our camp tee shirts. I'm wearing the red floral skirt from the AG Play Outfit, Kaya is wearing the white shorts from Lanie's Gardening Outfit, Kirsten is wearing the skirt from my Meet Outfit, and Lanie is wearing the leggings from her Nature Outfit.

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