Monday, July 15, 2013

Care Package!

What a Day at Camp!

Another Invader!

This time our Crafts session got interrupted!
So making God's Eyes is put on hold. 

After the wildcat (this one could have been called calm cat although we here it is of the Ninja Cat species) left the cabin we worked in teams to make two different God's Eyes. These were the large ones, so we worked in teams.
Kaya and I wound the pattern. 
Kirsten and Lanie controlled the yarn. [Oh! That's why we were invaded in crafts...the cat smelled out the yarn and wanted to play! I'm glad it left before it went all ninja on the yarn.]

This is the natural/neutral toned one.

And this is the green, white, and purple one.
Which do you like better? I think both will look great in the cabin!

Care Package!

Mail call today was super exciting. We got a package from home!
We ran back to the cabin to open it.

Inside: a card for each of us, peanut butter cookies,...

Now we can make tea in our water bottles (like I showed you in the Coolspring pictures)! No more brown sugar water. YAY!

More tomorrow!

Have a great day.
Best wishes,
The Bison Girls

Ps. Xyra aside: To Make Doll-Sized Tea Bags
Supplies: tea bag tag, yarn, an empty tea bag (or vellum paper the kind used in wedding invitations or something similar), and glue.
1. Take the tag off a tea bag and cut it into 4 pieces
2. Measure and cut yarn into 4 sections each 3 inches long
3. Cut the empty tea bag (I used one that is made for brewing loose tea on the go) into four squares.
4. Lay the tea bag and tag side by side and put a dot of glue on each.
5. Place the yarn so that each end rests on the glue and let dry.
Note: Once set, but not completely dry, move the tags so that they don't dry to your working surface.

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