Friday, July 26, 2013

Awesome Dresses

Are you looking for a dress to add to your dolls wardrobe?

Want quality as well as a good price?

Then check out The Whimsical Doll 2 on Etsy.

Our AG Adventures currently has a giveaway sponsored by the "store."

The fabrics are really cool! There is something for fact I liked them all. My favorite is the Sprig Kitty with Sash. Isn't it cute?

The prices that I took notice of range from $10 - $12 (plus tax and shipping). 

I was so impressed I had to give a shout out for the lovely work they do.

If you don't have a lo in your budget for adding outfits or accessories to your collection...keep your eye on all the different doll blogs out there. There are a lot of great giveaways to enter.


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