Monday, June 30, 2014

Coolspring 2014 June Expo III

Day Three: Putting Things Together

Today the little St. Mary’s engine was settled onto its new base. This was fun to watch. I stayed out of the way so that there was plenty of room for everyone to work.

Here the engine is getting lifted off the ground. Since engines are made of iron and other metals they are really heavy – even the small ones.
Once it is in the air it can be positioned over the new skid…
And bolted into place.
Done! Doesn’t it look great? I hear that starting it might be easier now too.
(giggling) The first start of the weekend came with a rain of walnuts. 
See the little round black things on the ground? (Look closely at the floor between the fuel can and the boot - I think if you click on the picture it will enlarge to see better.) Squirrels think the exhaust tubes make great storage areas. Unfortunately, they would be better off finding another place.

Now, the St. Mary's is happy and running nicely.
Xyra had a little fun with her new engine. This one will eventually be set up by her doll house.
Then we went to check out the engine they had this running yesterday.
And the Miller…again. Yes, this one is in the top 5 of favorite engines.
After dinner...(boy, were we lucky. The Community Center spaghetti supper was almost sold out when we arrived. They had enough for 5 more dinners and it was only 5:30. Must get their earlier in October. Very tasty spaghetti with meatballs, salad, and dessert.)…we watched the Parmaco, St. Mary’s, Victory, and both Thermoils run. You can see the 7hp exhaust plume just behind the roller.

Come back again to see our last day.

Best wishes,

Note: If you click the links above you will go to the main exhibits page. To see more about the Miller scroll down to Nate Lillibridge Station and click tour. For the Parmeco and Thermoils, scroll down to Power Technology Annex and click Tour.



  1. Great Pictures! Looks like fun, my brother would love to go there.

    1. It is a fun place. Located in western Pennsylvania between Punxsutawney and Brookeville.