Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yoga Anyone?

Our Generation: Ommm My Way

Recently Target had a sale on Our Generation items. Xyra found this great yoga outfit and it was discounted from $16.99 to $12.99.
It's a 6 piece set. White and orange hoodie, aqua graphic tank top, yoga pants, orange mat with mat strap, and position card.
The pants are silky and go on really well. The tank is cute. I have the mat rolled out ready to use. 
This is an easy position. 
I wonder if the others would want to do yoga too. I think I remember Rhonda showed how to make your own yoga mat...it would be very easy to do.
Now, I'm ready to head out.

Have you tried yoga? It's an easy (not at first maybe), low-impact, way to stay fit.
If you haven't tried yoga (that's okay), what is your favorite way to exercise?

Best wishes,



  1. That is an awesome set. I love your doll. #So cute!

    1. Thank you. Lanie is our only Girl of the Year. :)

  2. Cute outfit I've been thinking about getting it for my girls!!

    1. All the pieces fit really well and it's nice quality too.