Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vote for Blogging Friends

The Doll Wardrobe Spring 2014 Design Challenge

At Least Two Blogger Friends Entered

The Doll Wardrobe's 2014 Spring Design Challenge is underway. 

Round One voting lasts until June 11. Thirty-nine designers have entered. They are split into three skill groups: Newbie, Intermediate, and Pro. Not all of the entrants indicate who they are in their submissions, so there may be more than two blogger friends competing. 

The entrants need votes to get to the next level. You can vote 1 time per entry. So you can vote for all 39. Example: Meghan from Girly Doll Type is entered (#3). I voted for her yesterday. I also voted for #24 and can't vote for either again until Round 2 voting is announced.

Voting is Easy

Go to The Doll Wardrobe for the voting rules.
Then click the link to take you to the entries.
If you like the entry, leave the following comment on that entry's page/post, "I vote for entry #__" (put the entry number in the blank).
The right side bar holds the links to all the entries.

Pay special attention to Newbie #3 (Girly Doll Type) and Pro #24 (Vinyl Girls)

Please forgive me if I missed giving your entry a shout out. These two were more obvious in indicating who they were. Vinyl Girls had a blog post sharing the entry and Girlly Doll Type had her name and blog name at the top of her entry (and now has a blog post too). If you'd like a shout out for your Design Challenge entry, please leave a comment below (and fear not - I'm certain to have voted for you). So many great entries. I was very grateful that we can vote for more than one entry. 

After you've voted, come back let us know your favorite(s). 

Best wishes to all the entrants! We applaud your courage!


  1. This is my first comment here, but I've been looking at your blog for a while :)
    I'd like a shout-out for my project entry. I'm entry #21! The link to my project is below:

    1. I'm putting up a second post for you and Charlotte. :-)
      Don't forget you can also create a blog post asking your followers for votes. That's how I knew Vinyl Girls was in the competition.

  2. Thanks you so much for voting for ME!
    I screamed when I saw you'd voted for me! I couldn't believe it!
    Someone so talented at blogging saw MY outfit!
    My Entry was #29, by the way!

    1. You're welcome. :-)
      I'm putting up a second post for you and Shelby-Grace.