Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sun Tea: Trader Joe's Mango Black

Harness the Power of the Sun

Don't have time to make stove top iced tea? Let Mother Nature give you a hand. All you need is a clear container with a lid - usually we use glass, but this time we used a plastic pitcher - water, and your favorite tea bags. Well, you also need a partly sunny day and a sunny spot to put you container.

Refreshing Sun Tea

Kaya, Melody

Xyra made sun tea.
Nice! What kind?
Looks like she used the new Trader Joe's Mango Black tea.
I bet it will taste really good.
Just a touch of fruit.
These are square tagless bags.
They can be composted.

The pitcher used is not a full gallon, so I only  put in two (2) tea bags. When Melody and Kaya happened upon it, it was finished brewing and was very dark and warm. We like our iced tea unsweetened, but if we wanted to add sugar (or other sweetener) we would add it to the pitcher after brewing but before putting it in the refrigerator. That way your sweetener melts in properly.

If you want to drink it right after brewing, fill your glass with ice and pour the tea over it. Most of the ice will melt and cool the tea down making it quite refreshing.

This Trader Joe's tea blend is very nice hot or iced. You get just a hint of the mango, so it has a tropical edge to it. Neither the black tea nor the mango are overpowering, they blend well together. This box is marked seasonal, so it could disappear from shelves at the end of the summer.

[Note: The links will take you to Trader Joe's home page where you can use the store locator to find the Trader Joe's near you. They do not have online shopping. But it's better to go in person anyway to see it all and grab other goodies like Joe Joe's, PB&J chocolate bars, frozen oatmeal, sliced mango, cheese puffs, etc. ;-) ]

Have you ever made sun tea? If yes, what is you favorite tea to use? If no, do you think you will try it sometime?



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