Friday, June 27, 2014

Coolspring 2014 June Expo I

Day One: Arrival & Exploration

After 5 or 5 1/2 hours on the road we pulled into Coolspring Power Museum.
Before exhibitors can park, they have to check in with Jake. He tells you best place to set up. It was really wet this year, so he had a big challenge. If you need Jake, just look for his buggy.
Time to stretch our legs. Our first stop was the Founder's Engine House. The Meitz and Weiss was running. It was my favorite in this building. 
The Buffalo Olin was neat too.
Then it was off to the Gift Shoppe. What do you think of this? Looks like a comfy nightgown to me. Hmmm, I hope that crocodile behind me isn't hungry.
Inside you can find lots of goodies. Mugs, tee shirts, pins, mouse pads...
On our way to the Power Tech Annex, we stopped at the Half Breed Pavilion. These engines are built to work with steam or oil. This is the Evans.It was built in Corry, PA during the 1880s. It ran an oil pump near Chicora.
Then we went into the Power Technology Building where we saw this Twin Bessemer.
The HUGE Otto.
And Xyra's favorite, the DeLavergne Hornsby-Akaroyd.
The first thing you see as you go through the door from the Power Tech building to the Power Tech Annex is the Buffalo-Springfield road roller. 
You're not supposed to climb on this; however, we had permission and were supervised. Plus today was exhibitors and volunteers only, no public. We obeyed all the rules while the public was on the grounds.

This is one of our favorite engines in this building.
It is 7hp Thermoil U Hvid. Which means it is a diesel engine.

This pretty bench is in Nate Lillibridge Station. There are benches scattered throughout the museum so you can rest and watch the engines run.
This building houses this 300hp Miller. 
It's really big, but not the biggest engine at the museum.

This engine is in the Windy City building and helps start the big Blaisdell engine.
So cool! The Jeep! 
Now it's my turn to drive it. (If only I could reach the pedals.)
That's all for day one. Come back again to see day 2.

Note: Click the links above to go to the CPM Exhibits page. Then scroll down for each building. Click "Tour" to see which engines are in that building and read about how they work or what they were used for before they found a home at the museum.

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  1. Looks like you had fun, great pics!!!

    1. I did. Just two more days of engines to share with everyone. :-) Hope they don't get boring.