Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Queen's Treasures Part 2

The Big Reveal

Note: Most of the things we purchased are from the warehouse sale and are overstocks and seconds or misfits. Links are provided for further information.

Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Haley, 2 or more

Back at Camp

Hey! Come see what we got from The Queen's Treasures!
Yay! Show us!
These are the smaller things.
Left to right…
a pink serving platter with a small tea cup soap; pink strappy sandals; pink soup tureen; pink gift set (you’ll see more of that later); floral creamer and sugar bowl; and…
This is great!
We’re ready to toast marshmallows.
Tastes great!
I love s’mores.
This is the first outfit.
The Khaki Play Skirt outfit. Very nice! Can I try it on?
You look great!
Fits nicely.
Are you sure the pocket on the hat is supposed to go in front?
No, but for now that’s how I’ll wear it.
Very cute! That will look great with short sleeve tees too.
This is the second outfit.
Looks kind of warm for summer.
Oh, this is for fall not summer. Kirsten, why don’t try it on.
How does it feel?
Josefina’s riding boots will look great with it.
Haley, aren't these dresses cute? We got one for Felicity and one for Rebecca.
Lanie, this is what we found for you.

Are you kidding?! That’s fabulous!
Look at the gardening gear!
It’s perfect. Plant pots, a bird house, watering can, shovel, and wheelbarrow!

LOVE it!

What is your favorite of our purchases?

Did you notice why a few of the items would be misfits? The most obvious…the strappy sandals. Can you spot why? We didn't notice until we got home - we love them because they are unique. :-D

Everything we saw (including the seconds) was of excellent quality at nice prices. We hope to visit again in the near future. I wonder who should go next time?

Our trip to The Queen’s Treasures was personal and unsolicited – the warehouse sale was publicized and open to anyone who wanted to swing by the store. Links are provided for further information. Feel free to window shop/browse as much as you want – no purchase is required. Of course, if you find something you really like… :-D

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  1. I love everything but especially the garden gear. It's adorable. :)

    1. I can see your girls using the gardening equipment.

  2. The buckles on the sandals are both on the left side!