Tuesday, June 10, 2014

News from Home

From: Xyra
To: Melody, Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, and Lanie
RE: World War II Days

I hope you are having a great time at camp! We missed you the other day. We went to Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading for World War II Days honoring the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The weather was beautiful, but it was kind of hot...I'm certain you would not have been happy standing on the tarmac as long as we did.

I took close to 200 pictures. Don't worry. I'm not going to send all of them to you. These are the highlights.

We entered through a little French village that later was part of a battle re-enactment. The Allies defeated the Germans and liberated the village.

A lot of people were dressed for the occasion; re-enactors and visitors alike.  I was. It was fun to put together a 40s era outfit. Here is a family that came dressed...most of the girls look like Molly.

There were USO shows and radio plays (The Lone Ranger, Abbott & Costello). The Manhattan Dolls performed popular songs.

One of the Rockford Peaches was there. She was very nice.

This great picnic was set up in one section.

And the planes! Wow! This pilot was amazing with his aerobatics.

This is my favorite plane and picture of the day. It was supposed to be just the plane...that failed, but the plane and the moon...awesome.

We had lunch at the Mess Tent. Probably close to what you are eating at camp. Hot dogs with sauerkraut, chips, baked beans, and a drink. Was very good.

While the day was fun. The camp set ups and different groups reminded us that this was not a fun time. It was dangerous and uncomfortable - we sleep in tents for a few days or weeks; the soldiers were in them for months and years - and filled with sadness as well. The troops made the best of it as did the folks on the home front, but to this day...70+ years later some of the veterans still refuse to talk about their time during the war.

I'll show you more pictures when you get back from camp. Enjoy yourselves!

Much love and many hugs,


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