Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Day Round 1 Voting The Doll Wardrobe

Reminder Spring Fashion Challenge

Round One Voting Ends Today

If you have already voted, cool! Sit back and wait for round two to be announced. If you haven't voted yet, today is your last chance for round 1.

Head to The Doll Wardrobe for the voting details, but it is really easy. Look at each entry (1 - 39) and comment on the entry's page, "I vote for entry # __." You can only vote once per entry, but you can vote for more than one entry.

There are several in the blogging community that are entered...
Girly Doll type is #3
Doll Stars is #16
Oh My Dollies is #21
Vinyl Girls is #24
AG Doll Days is #29

Note: AG Doll Days is a relatively new blog and the first post I saw was a great photo shoot with Emily. Check it out when you have a chance!

Have a great time voting!