Friday, June 13, 2014

Tea Review: Grand Earl Grey

Reviewing and Brewing Tea at Camp

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more, [Xyra]

Octavia Tea: Grand Earl Grey

This is great! We get to review a new tea.
And the camp counselors are letting us use the cafe.
The cafe doesn't have everything we usually use, but that's okay; we'll do the best we can.
What kind is it?
Octavia Tea's Grand Earl Grey.

Wow! Smell that?! It's wonderful.
Oh, yeah! I can smell the bergamot all the way over here.
You know, tea drinkers who are not fond of Earl Grey or the bergamot won't like this blend.
That's true. However, the ones that do will love just smelling this tea.
We're only going to make half a pot so 1 tablespoon should do.
[The instructions call for 1 - 3 teaspoons depending on how strong you like your tea. Using 1 tablespoon in half of our glass pot provides the equivalent of 1 medium strength mug or 2 medium strength china tea cups.]
I'm so excited! Let's get the hot water.
Look at those leaves dance!
I'll get the cups ready. A little bit of sugar and milk.
We don't have our timer.
It's a nice deep, dark brown.
I think it's ready to pour.
Uh, oh! We don't have our strainer either.
Hmmm, well, maybe Professor T. will read our leaves when we are done.
So long as she doesn't see any big, scary creatures.
Boy, does that smell good! Tastes fabulous too.
My turn!
Oh, yeah! That's great!
*sighs* That's really nice.
Ooo. Love it. Smooth and calming.

The verdict...

If you like Earl Grey tea and collect the different Earl Grey blends, then you should add Octavia's Grand Earl Grey to your collection. 
Hope you enjoyed our review! Grand Earl Grey creates a great cup of tea!

[If you were a little put off by the leaves in the girls' cups - I apologize. Here is a picture of the tea after it has been strained. 
Much better, eh?]

Best wishes!

Note: The above is an honest and unsolicited review. I have purchased this tea on my own and shared my thoughts and love of tea with you. Tea Time With Melody Q is not affiliated with any tea company. All links provide further information on the product and company. No purchase is necessary. I love a good cup, enjoy a decent cup, and tolerate a miserable cup of tea (unless it has been made with coffee tainted water - I have some standards).



  1. It looks tasty. It looks like mini chocolate chips in the dolls' cup. lol

    1. Hahaha, the leaves do make the cups look like the have chocolate chips. :)

  2. I love to drink Earl Grey when I eat chocolate cake!!