Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Queen's Treasures

Shopping Adventure Not far from Home

The Queen's Treasures

Saturday, June 14 Xyra came to get me at camp. We had a special trip to make. We checked the directions online, got in the car and headed north to Stroudsburg, PA and The Queen’s Treasures. You've seen them mentioned over at Doll Diaries and other great blogs. I had no idea they were so close to us…only an hour and a half. Xyra put on Radio Disney and we rocked our road trip.

We are Here

Yay! We've arrived! Isn't the store front lovely?

That little basket next to the Adirondack chair on the left looks like the one Kaya has from Nana Kestrel. We love Adirondack chairs. These look to be the perfect size.

Warehouse Sale

The first thing we checked out was the warehouse sale. Look at all the outfits!
I picked two!

Isn’t this desk great?
But we found something else we liked even more (show you that in another post). There were a few other things we picked up outside...then we went inside!

Main Shoppe

I match this display – all pink and white! Great wardrobe.
I don’t want to think about snow just yet…summer just started…but this sleigh and horse are really cool! (giggles)
Then I met their Kaya and decided that our Kaya would love this canoe.
The farmhouse yellow ware and foods reminded me of the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival.
Cinderella’s Shoe Shop was amazing! LOVE the brown lace up boots and the boots “Cinderella” is wearing.
The Mahogany trunk with vanity is gorgeous!
Went for a smoothie and met Kanani. She’s really nice! 
Xyra said she wishes she would have gotten her when she was Girl of the Year and may start looking for one. I don’t blame her – Kanani would make a great sister.
The greens in this dress and bedding attracted me. So very pretty.
Wow! So many things to choose from! This trunk with a Murphy bed is really great too! The Dream Big pjs look cozy.
This girl said that the bunk beds were very comfy. I guessed from the cute Yorkie getting ready to take a nap.
Isn't this silver dress with matching hat adorable! Perfect for tea.
Then I heard, “Would you care for some tea?” I turned around and found myself at the Royal Tea Room. 
Loved the different tea sets. Do you like the pink or floral patterned one best?

Next this lovely blue dress caught my eye. So many nice things to see.
Check out the school room and purple jumper outfit.
Then I met Julie. She showed me the pink bedroom trunk! When you move the chair aside, the desk is really the underside of a Murphy bed! So awesome!
The Queen’s Treasures is full of so many good things…including outfits for Bitty Bear and the Mini Dolls! Felicity and Rebecca would look great in these!
We collected our treasures and headed home! It was a great day of adventure. I can't wait to show you everything we found that day!

If you had been with us, what would have been your favorite item or display? What would you have had to take home with you?

The Queen's Treasures has a website as well as a Facebook page. 

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  1. Wow, I would love to go there! I really like the pink bedroom trunk with the Murphy bed, and the cafe sets and tea sets. I can't wait to see what you got there. :)

    1. It was a fun trip. Posting the reveal later today. :)

  2. With so many beautiful and interesting things, how could you decide what items you really needed? Loved seeing everything in this post. Loved Melody's shoes and her cute hairdo too and the purple dress in the school room. Gramma Enne

    1. It was hard to choose. I think we circled the outside and inside a few times.

  3. We're so glad you visited us! This is a lovely surprise! Visit us again soon. We'll be redoing the shoppe to feature some amazing new items!

    1. It was a great trip. Thank you again for allowing the photo shoot. I hope we can get north again in the near future.

  4. Wow! Thanks for taking so many photos at that store. It looks amazing. I've looked at things online and drooled, but it would be even better in real life!

    ~ Kiki

    1. I know exactly what you mean. It was much different in person. I was thrilled that the shoot was approved. There was more to see, but the angles weren't right and I didn't want to mess with the displays.