Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tea Review: Trader Joe's Assam Black

Trader Joe's Assam Black Tea

In reply to yesterday’s email, Kirsten reminded me to post her Trader Joe’s tea review. It’s perfect for while I/we wait for camp pictures and updates. I have been assured they are having a great time.

We were gifted three different types of Trader Joe’s tea: Assam Black, Green Sencha, and Rooibus. This combination is available in a collection: Trader Joe’s Cultivated Tea Collection for the Armchair Traveler. The combination was featured in the January Fearless Flyer, so may no longer be available. However, I have seen the blends on the shelf separately. Check your local TraderJoe’s tea section. Kirsten chose the Assam Black for this review.

Tea with Kirsten

It’s time for morning tea. Which one today?
We’re steeping Trader Joe’s Assam Black Tea. This side of the tag tells us the brand and blend names.
On the other side, the tag has a picture of the Taj Mahal.
It’s time to take the tea bag out of the cup.
After 4 minutes the tea is a nice dark brown. It smells warm and rich.
I’m going to add a touch of sugar in the raw.
Now the milk. Stir it up. If you don’t like milk that’s okay – you don’t have to add it. We usually take milk in our tea.
What a lovely looking cup?!
It tastes good too. But it doesn’t have a stand out flavor. Just a nice cup of tea. I bet it would make great iced tea too.


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