Friday, April 6, 2018

Fun Friday: Lanie Factoids

Get to Know Lanie

Hi! How are you doing today? All is well here! We are anticipating more snow this weekend and next week. Makes it difficult for me to get out into the gardens! (sighs) Did give me some time to work on my photo shoot, but I forgot a few props. (sighs)
My full name is Lanie Holland Silverleaf and my birthday is November 5, 2000.
Like Kirsten, I don't really have a nickname. Every now and then someone will call me "Lane," but it's very rare! If you've seen Seinfeld, I do get the exclamation version, "LAY-NIE!" 
The three bunnies in our fur family are mine. 
Lulu is harness trained. Nutmeg is a true house bunny. Razzi, well, he's having a shy moment and didn't want to come out of his hutch for the shoot. 
Actually, Mel had Razzi and Nutmeg before Lulu and I joined the family, but the bunny bond was strong so they are mainly my responsibility now.

I have a wonderful doll named Holly. She has blond hair and green eyes like I do.
Hobbies? Those are easy! Gardening, cooking, and reading. Melody would add worrying to that list; I don't think that is a hobby. (giggles)


Animal: Rabbits
Book: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams is awesome! It kind of makes me cry sad and happy tears.
Color: Pink! Especially fuschia.
Food: Chocolate! I love salad too. Oh, and tomatoes.
Flower: Cala lilies and wisteria.
Instrument: The instrument I use is my voice. I love to sing. But my favorite to listen to is the French Horn.
Movie: Alice in Wonderland - all versions. Although, I think the Mia W. one tops the list. You know, Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter.
Number: Five! It's alive. (giggles)
Rock group(s): Proclaimers, Drop Kick Murphys, Dubliners, Enya, Chieftans, Big Country, Florence and the Machine, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Tartanic, DNCE, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, and Selena Gomez.
Sport: I love watching football and baseball.
Tea: English Breakfast
TV Show: Access Hollywood (giggles)

How's that? Anything others you can think of that aren't mentioned? Just leave a question in the comment section. 

While were at it...

  1. Which photo is your favorite?
  2. Do we have anything in common?
  3. Which factoid was a surprise?

See you again soon!


  1. Not sure if you know this or not, but our dog is named after Seinfeld!!! Hers is spelled differently though. Laney!

  2. Mmm English Breakfast

  3. My favorite photo is the one looking out the window. Like she is waiting for a best friend to come for tea party.

    I love Wisteria's and English Breakfast tea.

    Surprise...that Frank Sinatra was in the list of music with all those other bands. Tantric....they were a great band and I've seen them live many times.

    1. Our Great Aunt Lanie introduced me to Frank Sinatra; he's her favorite and I couldn't disagree. :-D

      Ooo, I do like Tantric too, but this one is Tar-tan-ic. Tartanic performs all sorts of songs from traditional to Celtic to modern on bagpipes and drums.

      I love the idea of waiting for a friend - reminds me of a Rolling Stones song. :-)