Friday, March 31, 2017

National Crayon Day

We Interrupt Our Tea Review...

Let's Celebrate Crayons!
Can you tell to whom each collection of crayons belongs?
A couple might be tricky, but there are definitely clues.
Could be easy for regular readers.
We won't make you wait too long.


Crayola is a Pennsylvania company based in Easton, PA not far from us.
So we rarely pick up any other brand.
One of these days we hope to visit The Crayola Experience. It looks cool!
Get your color on with these great, free coloring pages.

Our Favorite Crayons

The purples are mine. 
I love them all, but plum is my favorite.

Greens provide a strong connection to nature. 
My favorite is forest green.

My favorites? 
Soothing blues, especially Pacific blue.

Dark pinks, 
like fuscia are my favorite.

The red family is my favorite.
I think cerise is the best color in the box.

Orange please. 
Send the wild tangerine over to me.

Hey, don't forget me! I may be at Nonna's right now but I want in on this post!

You can't tell from my signature or the font color I choose. 
Carnation pink is my favorite crayon.

What is your favorite crayon? How do you feel about dandelion being retired and being replaced with a blue!

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you have a nice day! Best wishes,


Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or Crayola. All crayons shown were purchased for our art supply collection. Links provided are for educational and informative purposes. No purchase is suggested or required to enjoy this post.


  1. I always liked the great big box because it had silver and copper color, they were so cool! And I always liked the name "burnt sienna". It's a blah color though!

    1. Absolutely! All those colors. The first time I saw the 96 count box I nearly fainted! :-D

  2. Oh super! I love my crayons! I love having the 64 colors in the big box w/ a crayon sharpener! Even though my favorite colors are red and blue, I really love magenta! I love to say it and I love to color with it. Sharry likes it too along with sky blue, spring green, and she loves silver, gold and copper for coloring pictures of Christmas trees with lots of garland! That's always fun!

    1. Absolutely! Love, love, love crayons. They are our go to art supply followed closely by markers. Magenta is one of my favorites too! It's in that realm of the dark pinks. Xyra likes to use almost all the colors, but Franz isn't fond of the crayons smell. (giggles)

  3. I want my dandelion!

    Burnt sienna might be my favorite though.

    1. Not sure why they chose to retire dandelion. There aren't that many yellows and it is richer than most.

      I like the "burnts" as long as it's crayon and not food. ;-)

  4. Crayola Experience is a really cool place! It's pricey to get in, but there are so many fun things to do. We really enjoyed naming/personalizing crayons, working the boat lock system, and creating art with melted crayons. The informational show was super cool too!

    The gift shop has tons of crayons for sale. My son is with Kaya, he loves his greens. We were able to get a huge box of crayons of all different greens.

    1. sounds like a lot of fun! We really need to get up there. Trying to think of a time when it might not be packed.

      Hallmark had singles - it was great. I'd love to make a truly custom pack!