Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tea Review or Reviews

Thirsty Thursday #18

Kaya, Lea, both

Tea Review Plus Teaser

Hi! The other week Xyra was invited over to Nonna's house for tea.
Or teas! (giggles)
Lea and I were thrilled to go.
Grace wanted to stay home with Bonbon.
And the others had homework projects due.
All the better for us! So off we went.

Three Teas

Nonna led us back to the kitchen where she had three teas for us all to try!
All slightly different. Newman's Own Organic Black Tea.
Tazo Joy blend.
And Harney and Sons Diamond Jubilee.
All three are black teas.

Just One Today

We don't want to overwhelm you so we decided to just post one today.

Newman's Own Organic Black Tea
The Newman's Own Organic Black Tea comes in a box with 100 tea bags. The packaging is very similar to Lipton or Benner.
The tea bags are individually wrapped in paper. I love how this one has the "Keep Calm, Brew Tea" saying on it.
We put the bag in our "tea pot," poured the boiling water, and Xyra set her phone timer for 4 minutes.
(giggles) We can't show you the time because the camera card was full and she had to switch to using her phone for the rest of our shoot.
You can see the blend is already steeping and giving the water a lovely color.
This is after 4 minutes. It's now a lovely, deep reddish amber.
Smells warm and inviting.

First Sip - Plain
Hmmm, the flavor is...well...nondescript. Not quite as bitter as other basic black tea blends.
Yes, I see what you mean, but it does need something.

Second Sip - White Sugar
The sugar adds another dimension.

Third Sip - Sugar and Milk
More depth again with the milk.
Yes, I like it this way. The sugar sweetens the earthy-ness and the milk makes it smooth.

Newman's Own is a nice black tea blend. Not spectacular, but good.
So if you are looking for a nice organic tea for everyday, that's not super expensive...
And like the added benefit of the profits going to charity, then this is the one for you.
I can definitely see making this on a dreary day and curling up with a good book.
Yeah, me too!

Xyra's Notes

  • I can easily compare this blend to the Benner brand found at Aldi. I like both better than the Lacas brand you may get at restaurants. It's not as bitter as Lipton.
  • The blend does not have any outstanding flavor notes and lends itself to any way you prefer to fix your tea. It was good with sugar, sugar and milk, honey, and honey and milk, turbinado sugar, turbinado sugar and milk. We have not tried it with lemon to date.
  • I bet it would make good iced tea in the summer.
  • If you are interested in trying it, there is a store locator tool on the website. In SEPA, you can find it in Wegmans and Acme markets.

Please come back again to see us review the other two teas. We're looking forward to sharing them with you.

So glad you stopped! Tchau! Até mais tarde!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Newman's Own, Tazo, or Harney and Sons. The teas reviewed were purchased by our friend. The above review is unsolicited and comprised or our own words and opinions. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes. no purchase is required to enjoy the post.


  1. It's a nice plain tea which would also work great for recipes that call for tea (like whiskey chicken).

    1. That's a good point. We tend to think of tea for drinking.