Friday, March 24, 2017

Grace Heads West VI

Be Like Nancy Drew

"Attend Services"

Sunday was GORGEOUS! Cool and breezy in the morning so we needed our jackets, but bright and sunny. After a light breakfast we piled in the truck and headed to South Lake Tahoe for church. Oh, hey, we made up for so few photos from Saturday with lots of photos today. Hope you like them!

These are shots of the lake from the road. Isn't it stunning?

Gramma Enne plays the organ for the church so while she practiced we went outside to take some photos. Huge trees surround the small church.

Huge pine cones are all over the yard.
I did find a me size tree. Just a sapling. (giggles)

I don't know if you can see the snow covered peaks. 

So pretty! The whole area is really nice. After soaking up a little vitamin D we went back inside to warm up.

Just like home the Sunday school room has student artwork on the walls.

Hmm, we have a few of these books at home.

Isn't the sanctuary beautiful. 
The entire building is wood paneled like this.

Back to Carson Valley

We had lunch at Subway that day. A yummy turkey sub with chips and a cookie.
It was so nice that afternoon we took a walk around the neighborhood.

Then I went out back to look at the mountains. 

We're supposed to leave for home tomorrow.

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? If yes, what was your favorite spot?

Until tomorrow...a bientôt!

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