Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grace Heads West IV

Where to Next?

The Nevada State Railroad Museum, of course! 

Gramma Enne and Opa Hans are part of the volunteer group at the museum and wanted us to see the changes made since Xyra and Melody visited a few years ago.

Once inside we visited the gift shop. A great selection of shirts and toys and books and so many neat things. Plus really vivid postcards!
The first stop after the ticket agent is an interactive history display. You touch the map then stand back to watch and listen.
After the short history presentation you head down the ramp to more displays. The first steam engine you see is the Glenbrook.

Check it out! It's a Baldwin made in Philadelphia, PA!
I would not want to be scooped up by this cow catcher!
It faces the Inyo.
Sorry about the fuzz. That's as clear as we could go on picmonkey. Did you know the Inyo is a movie star
Hmmm, I think Melody mentioned that in a previous post. (giggles)

This passenger car looks nice on the outside, but not super special. Then you look inside and WOW!
Check out the ceiling.

One of the displays has replicas or models of all the rolling stock. This is the one for the McKeen Car. 
Gramma Enne said the model was built long before the true restoration of the car so it shows how the car looked before it was restored.

I wonder what this whistle sounds like?

It was fun to stop at the small train table for a minute or two.

After looking at all the displays inside, we headed outside. First stop, the caboose.

This part of the line runs out to the turntable.
This track to the turntable still has flood debris covering the ties.
The Annex is still closed, but it was nice to see the rest of the museum.

We headed to the truck and I spotted this adorable Fiat 500.
So cute!

What did you think of those big steam engines?

It's a really nice museum. If you're in the area try to stop by. If you're not in the area, you can see more photos on the museum's Facebook page. We found a couple that looked familiar to us.

Until tomorrow...a bientôt!



  1. What a cool museum! The model reminds me of ones they used to have at the Smithsonian many years ago. Not sure if they are still there, but it was neat to see the whole car, even if it was just a miniature.

    1. It really is. As rail museums go it is very nice and one of the main things is they don't try to get everything under the sun for their collection. Only if it has relevance to Nevada and then they do a lot of work restoring the rolling stock. The model was one of maybe 15 or more on display. I didn't get a wide shot to see all.