Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grace Heads West V

Another Good Place to Eat

Carson City is filled with places to eat from fast food to casino restaurants to family restaurants to brew pubs to small cafes. 

The Saturday we were out west, Xyra made plans to meet one of her sorority sisters for brunch. Happily I tagged along. Opa Hans and Gramma Enne dropped us off at Mom and Pop's Diner then they headed off to do some shopping. When we got there an event had a couple of the side roads closed. Looked like a run had just finished and final ceremony was underway. 
We talked to a couple of women who had participated in the Jog for Jordan. They said the route was nice and the weather practically perfect. The jog started and finished at the Fox Brew Pub. Which is right next to Mom and Pop's where we were meeting Manda.

Xyra had been here before and had the huge cinnamon bun. I saw one when we were looking for a table; its the size of a dinner plate! 😲

I wanted to sit by the fish tank. Luckily that table was free and there was no one waiting so we could sit while we waited for Manda.
I'm glad we had a few moments to look at the menu. 
There was a lot to choose from and it all sounded tasty. Eggs, pancakes, french toast, oatmeal...what to choose? 
I didn't get a chance to make a decision before we were greeting Manda. 

The waitress was very friendly and patient. Turns out we all chose the eggs benedict made with ham but different sides. The dish was very tasty and the hollandaise sauce well balanced. Some restaurants have bitter or strong hollandaise. This was perfect.

We chatted while we ate and even after. Turns out Xyra and Manda have a lot in common so the conversation flowed easily. We lost track or time and all too soon Manda was dropping us off at Gramma Enne's and heading off to a birthday party.

Later that Day

Back on the ranch...well, they don't have a ranch, but it's kind of fun to say that line (giggles)...we shared what we did and I played with Gracie a bit. (giggles) That's Gramma Enne behind me. 😊
Then we watched a Hallmark Mystery and played cards. A fun day where time just flew by.

Until tomorrow...a bientôt!


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