Friday, March 17, 2017

Grace Heads West

Early to Bed...

Early to Rise

Hi! I finally have my photos organized. At least the ones from the phone gallery and am ready to talk about our trip west to see Gramma Enne and Opa Hans. They live in Carson City, Nevada. That's Neh-vă-dă apple...not Neh-vah-dah. Anyway, last Thursday Xyra and I got up at 3 AM to get ready to leave. Xyra wanted to leave at 3:30, but it was closer to 3:45 when we pulled out of the driveway and headed to Philly.

We got to the airport and our gate with enough time to get a pastry. Right by the gate is an Au Bon Pain. Gotta love a 5 AM chocolate croissant! We found a great seat by the window so we could watch our plane.

It was warm in the airport so I took off my jacket. It was fun to watch the people get ready to board. 
We were in B group.

We still found a nice window seat.

The sun was rising as we taxied and took off. 

It's fun to watch the topography below the plane! Here we are going over the Rockies! Check out that snow. Looks like marshmallow creme to me.

Here we are coming into Las Vegas. 
It's hard to see in this photo, but if you find the road just above my head and follow toward the curve to the island you'll see Hoover Dam!

Touching down in Vegas. Now we need to find our gate for the next leg of our trip up to Reno.

After a long hike! Man, we deplaned in one terminal and had to go all the way over to the end of another! Thankfully, once we got there we could grab something to eat from Einstein Bagel. Whole wheat bagel with smoked salmon shmear. YUM! 
I wanted a milk, but airport prices! Wow! It was $3.19 for a PINT. At home we don't pay that much for a half gallon. So I stuck with the water we had from Philly.

While Xyra charged her phone and the nook, I watched the outside crew stock our plane. Love this truck. 
I wonder what kind of snacks we will get this time. Earlier we had Fritos and Oreos. Great breakfast, right? (giggles)

Another awesome window seat and we are on our way to Reno!

Check out the snow on the Sierras!

If you are ever through Reno International, they have a cool play space where the terminals connect. 

I loved stretching my legs here. Then we headed out to find Gramma Enne and Opa Hans.

Arrival! Yay!

This is Morissa. She's very pretty and nice, but you have to let her come to you.
Her sister, Gracie,...not named after me (giggles), is resting on top of the sofa. 

After a long travel day it was good to hit the hay. I'm glad I listened to Mel and packed our heavier jammies.
It gets cold overnight in the desert; even inside. (giggles)

Have you ever flown anywhere? If yes, what was your favorite destination?

A bientôt!


  1. All that flying usually wears me out too. It is fun to look down and see the ground below though. One of my favorite memories is flying into Pittsburgh at night and picking out all of the landmarks as we flew over the city.

    Hi Grace! I'm the only one here who has gone on a plane, but it was interesting. We flew from Pittsburgh to Texas and then from there to Cancun. The airport there is crazy! But it is fun to go see other places, isn't it?!

    1. I do that too! I like the window so I can see the lights of Philly. We came in at a different angle this time, so it really wasn't Philly, but I did pick out the Delaware River and shipyards!

      Hi, Cassandra! Yeah! It was super exciting. I hope to travel again in the future.

  2. Amazing post, and pictures! I always love seeing your travels. Saige and I flew for the first time last summer to Calli to stay with some friends, but that's the only plane trip I've taken thus far. I hope to make it to England or Ireland some day. :)
    Can't wait for the next post!

    1. Thank you! You never forget your first flight. You'll love England; I'd like to see Ireland too.

  3. Awesome post ! I've flown once, to Florida. I was very young then, but I thought flying was the coolest thing !
    ~ Thalia

    1. Thank you. Florida is a wonderful place. That first flight is always memorable. :-)

  4. OH, forgot to say, Louisa has a sleeping bag just like yours! ;)

    1. Hi, Abby! I believe that. ;-) We found a great little sock monkey to match!

  5. Loved this photo story! I always enjoy traveling with a doll... it's a creative outlet. Have you ever read The Lightning Thief? Hoover Dam and Las Vegas play a role.
    I have flown to Las Vegas and taken the train (it doesn't go there anymore.). We stopped going to Las Vegas when Brianna started reading!!!
    Grace has a very pretty braid and I loved the surprise when I noticed the cat sleeping on the back of the couch.

    1. Thank you! Yes, loved The Lightning Thief. We have a book review of it in the archives. We must get back to that series. :-)