Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Saturday Fun Finds

Woo Hoo!

Doll Finds

Honestly, I rarely happen upon the fun stuff, but this past weekend...wow! Franz and I were in Virginia visiting friends and picking up a few new things for his collections. Our hostess planned a girls' morning at a local multi family yard sale. The third set up I noticed something obviously American Girl and checked it out. Price marked $10 for the set...I knew there were some parts missing, but $10. I snapped up this "set." 
I washed and ironed the bedding, but the bed and scooter are clean and lovely.

Girls Find

Grace, Kirsten, Melody, 2 or more

Hey, what's this?
Is that a bed and scooter?
I love the butterflies!
Looks like Missy approves of the bed. (giggles)

This is great! A daybed, so we have a fun couch as well as a bed.
Missy definitely approves!
Looks like Bonbon and Coco do too.
I love that it's blue.
It's an interesting blue.
My favorite color.
Do you think your quilt will look good on it?
We'll wait here, you go get it.
Here we go. I think it's great.
Well, maybe not the butterfly pillow. (giggles)
Yeah, we might use that some place else.
Missy still likes it.
I kind of think Lanie's quilt will look better or even Kaya's.
(gasps) But blue...
Let's try putting the bedspread on.
Looks cool. 
Should be more comfortable this way. (giggles)
Quilts make great mattresses. (giggles)
Yeah, they do! This is great. Oh, Coco...oof...(giggles) I think my quilt will go better with this bedspread.
Yeah, it will!
We're all agreed the bed is really cool.
Yep. Absoluely!
And the scooter!
Fun, fun, fun!
Can I try?
This is great!
I think we need to take it to a bigger space.
Let's go.
This is awesome!
Here I go!
Hey, come back! (laughing)
My turn! See ya!

Xyra's Notes

  • Missing pieces: the trundle drawer, both mattresses, the pillow, and pillowcase. There are some great tutorials to make these items...well, not the trundle drawer. 
  • Love how the bedding is a nice sturdy cotton fabric with actual embroidered design on the bedspread and sewn on rickrack at the top of the sheets.
  • The scooter is outstanding!

So who do you think will get to claim the bed as her own?
The butterfly pillow?
How long do you think it will take Xyra to make a mattress, pillow, and pillowcase?

Best wishes,


  1. Oh wow! Great finds! Good luck restoring it, you might check craigslist, eBay, or Etsy, sometimes you can find bits and pieces for not to expensive, I hope you can complete the set, or at least create it at home.

    1. Thanks! We're definitely going to give it a try. :-)

  2. Cute!! I love how it turns in to a bed!! I like the butterfly pillow too!

    1. Thanks! :-)
      The butterfly pillow is really cute. There is a neck roll or bolster pillow missing, but I think I can make one of those too.

  3. Well...I can help you make two mattresses from one IKEA pillow...I'm quite gifted at that and they're inexpensive. I'd suggest we use a shoebox lid type custom box for the trundle until you find something that wows you.

    1. Those are neat ideas/ I'm not 100% sure if I want the trundle. I like the idea of the Ikea cushion as a mattress.

  4. If you really want a mattress, bring it along in June and I'll take some measurements! I do remember someone (I think it was Brandy, but not positive) showing how to make your own trundle. I'd check on Doll Diaries, thinking that might have been where it was.

    1. Oh! Those are great ideas! Will do a search on Doll Diaries.