Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tea News from the West

Tea for Tuesday #14

Guest Post

Hi! You know, guest post isn't quite right. Perhaps roving reporter would be better. 
Gramma Enne was invited to tea at a neighbor's house and is sharing the event with us. So without further adieu...

Tea in Nevada

Hello! Gramma Enne here! I was invited to a neighbor's home for tea! Imagine that. Then I was invited to share about it with you.

It was tea for three. Our neighbor invited me and another lady as a thank you for a favor. Our hostess loves tea and has a wonderful collection of tea cups and pots; many are English bone china antiques. 

The table was set simply with a spring themed centerpiece and three place settings. 

Our hostess prepared the pot, steeped Lipton tea for us, then brought the tea things to the table and poured out. Sugar and milk were provided, but the tea tasted great plain! Delicious cookies accompanied the tea.
Wonderful conversation ensued for over two hours. All of us love cats and shared many cat stories. We also talked tea. Our hostess mentioned using plum tea for summer iced tea. Plum tea!?

Sharing a cup of tea with friends is a delightful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

As you look through the photos which tea cup would you want at your seat?

Thank you Gramma Enne! Sounds like a great afternoon. 
If you've been thinking about having a tea party, but are overwhelmed by information on courses and elaborate treats...well, now you know, a great tea party can be simple and easy. 

Best wishes,


  1. How lovely. What a great way to spend the afternoon. What more can you ask for beautiful china, cookies, good company and cat talk. My grandmother and I use to have Tea Parties all the time, then me and my girls. But my Aunt who was an amazing lady, paralyzed down her left side was the best hostess. Gorgeous linens, real napkins and china just if for a snack. I loved going to her house for visits and tea parties. Gorgeous bone china tea pots and china sets, more varieties of tea (all loose) and a 3 tiered tray of tea party/luncheon sandwiches, plates of cookies or Petit Four's. The tiny sandwiches were the best...homemade mayonnaise, super thin cucumbers and crisp bacon.

    Now you make me want to have a tea party. If we lived closer I would host one...and you can bring your reporter.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing those awesome memories!

      The Tea Time gang is a bit closer proximity than our reporter is. :-)