Friday, April 27, 2018

Fun Friday: Melody Factoids

Get to Know Melody

(giggles) This is interesting. Most of my info is in my Google+ profile about section; however, I just tried to visit that "page" and it's not as easy to read as I thought. I'm last to go, so this is the finale of our part of the Fun Friday series. Kind of sad, but now we can work on meshing all these posts into a profile page.Then all our factoids will be on one page. 
Of course, we like you to view the actual posts too. Page views, you know. Love them!

My full name is Melody Quinn Silverleaf and my birthday is January 14, 1990. Boy that makes me sound old!
I have a couple of nicknames. Sometimes my sisters and friends call me Mel or Melly.
Pets, well, Coconut was my first pup. I still miss him. 
Coco is my sweet pup; and Licorice is one smart kitty. 
Razzi defected to team Lanie (giggles), but Starburst really likes me best.
Felicity is my doll. She's really cool! 
I have a ton of hobbies. I listen to music, sing in choir, read, watch TV, write short stories, bake, hang out with my sisters and friends, shop, and create with Lego. We got a great new set this week and I can't wait to build it.


Animal: no favorites, I love them all!
Book: Okay, too many to list here. I start to type one in and think of another and another and another! (giggles)
Color: Purple or plum.
Food: Lemon meringue pie
Flower: Carnation
Instrument: Standing bass and harpsichord.
Movie: All the Harry Potters! Dumbledore's Army for-ev-er! (giggles)
Number: 4
Rock Group(s): Muse, Adele, Adam Ant, RUSH, Paramore, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Vampire Weekend, Junior's Grades, Friends of Marty, Willow Creek, LoveBettie, Van Morrison, The Doors, Vance Joy, The Black Keys, and Selena Gomez.
Sport: Lacrosse! Love it! I play on the defense; sometimes point, sometimes cover point. I also love Volleyball. 
Tea: Earl Grey, of course.
TV Show: The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon can be hard to live with, but I love how his friends manage him.

  1. Do you have a favorite photo from my shoot? If yes, which one?
  2. Do we have anything in common?
  3. What surprised you the most?

I hope you enjoyed this post series and learning a bit more about us. We will be doing other things in the Fun Friday series. Come back again soon.

Best wishes,

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