Thursday, March 15, 2018

Book Review: Meet Felicity

SHtMLF's Book Club Day!

Meet Felicity

by Valerie Tripp

Hi! I'm here by myself today. Well, not really, Felicity is here to help (giggles). Meet Felicity is the very first American Girl book I read; it came with my very first doll. Isn't she pretty. 
Okay, her hair needs to be tidied, but her ribbon is sewn in her hair and I hate to cut it.
Pyewacket! Those pretzels aren't for you! Shoo!
So back to the book! You can tell this is an early edition because the cover is white or cream and Felicity is wearing the rose gown, not the purple one or the blue and yellow one.
It also has really neat illustrations. Check out this one.
(prup rup rup)
Oh, Pyewacket! (giggles)
Bijoux! (laughing)
Okay, Felicity's meet story is interesting. The location is Williamsburg 1774. The "intolerable acts" are being passed by British parliament and soon Richard Henry Lee will be heading to Philadelphia as one of Virginia's representatives to the continental Congress. That's not in the book, but good background. So you know her story starts before the Declaration of Independence is even imagined, but tensions are beginning. 
Felicity is described as impatient. She is compared to her sisters, but in my opinion she has the soul of an explorer; however, even explorers need to know how to sew. Anyway, while running an errand she sees the tanner's new horse and how horribly she is being treated. It's sad that some people are so terrible to animals. Felicity takes it upon herself to do something about it. Especially after she hears the tanner say he'd give up the horse to anyone who could ride it. Challenge accepted! 

Felicity is strong, up for a challenge, and caring. I really liked this book! If you like this edition, check your local library or use book store.

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Xyra's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a very interesting story.

Felicity Merriman is a fiesty young girl who doesn't have a lot of patience for learning what girls and young women are supposed to learn to be successful during 1774. Her focus and longing and interest lies elsewhere. In this case, with a mistreated horse.

Kudos to Felicity for taking on a bully.

I enjoyed reading this story and am looking forward to reading the rest of her collection.

This did not end as tidily as I thought it would. 

Happy reading and best wishes!