Monday, March 5, 2018

Hinamatsuri 2018

Looking Back at the Weekend

March 3 Celebration

Japanese Tradition - Hinamatsuri - Girls' Day/Doll Festival

Last year, Nonna introduced us to Hinamatsuri (or Hina Matsuri) and we celebrated sort of. 
This year, we were invited to Nonna's to celebrate with her gang!
I pulled out our kimono to wear.
I couldn't find our other Asian inspired dress, but wanted to dress up, so I chose my favorite color and dressed in it.
Warmly welcomed by all we started with a group photo.
After visiting, Joy and Gojūyon showed us the family hinadan.
The hinadan is a many level display of intricately made dolls.
The two dolls at the top represent members of the imperial family. He's the odairisama; she's the ohinasama The level underneath holds three ladies in waiting or sannin kanjo.
Then you have the gonin bayashi or five musicians and other attendants.
Wait until you taste the food!
It's amazing!
Well, first we started with peach tea. Peach blossoms are part of the festival decor.
Then we had really tasty broth with vegetables and sushi and different flavored moschi.
I liked the chocolate best. Well, and the peach mango. (giggles)
I liked the frozen strawberry moschi.
After the feast, the four of us went out to the living room.
What are those?
That's hina arare; crispy rice snacks!
Cool! Pass them here.
We had a blast with everyone! joy and Gojūyon were wonderful teachers!

Happy belated Hinamatsuri, everyone! If you want to learn more about the festival, please click the links. We found them very informative.

Hope you had a great weekend and if you were in winter storm Riley's path we hope you were safe and warm all weekend.

Best wishes,