Friday, March 16, 2018

Fun Friday: Kaya Factoids

Get to Know Kaya

Hi! I missed last Friday. It was a crazy day and I just couldn't get my photo shoot in among everything else. 
That's okay, I could re-think my outfit and get a better handle on my answers to the profile questions. Let's get to it.
My full name is Kaya'aton'my' Herd Silverleaf. Yeah, my middle name is interesting, right?
Almost everyone calls me Kaya or K.
My birthday is May 13, 1999. I know some people think it is later in the year, but, really, it's in May. I think it falls on Mother's Day this year. That can be a bummer when it happens.
Tatlo is my special fur baby! I've had him since he was a pup. I bet you figured he was a big puppy with huge puppy paws. You'd be right! (giggles) 

I also have two fabulous horses, Butterbrandy and Steps High.
I have two really awesome dolls. The first is an antique Native American doll complete with cradle board. The second is a LORI doll named Tama.
Let's see, hobbies. I just love playing lacrosse - the weather has been terrible for practice right now. My cello is the best. Of course, horseback riding and reading.

My Favorites

Animal: The wolf. Majestic and family oriented.
Book: Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery Anne is a lot of fun, a little over dramatic, but in a good way. I'd lik to have adventures with her.
Color: Green, especially dark green like forest or hunter green.
Food: Berries!
Flower: Buttercups
Instrument: I bet you can guess it (giggles) cello!
Movie: Fantastic Beasts - Newt is my kind of guy! Jacob is really cool too.
Number: It's not a popular favorite, but my favorite number is 1.
Rock group(s): Prepare to be shocked...Tool, Disturbed, Judas Priest, Daughtry, Dorothy, Halestorm, Metallica, Veruca Salt, Link Wray, Miracle Dolls, INXS, Pentatonix, Elvis, Lindsay Stirling, Yo Yo Ma. You may have to google a few of these.
Sport: Lacrosse, of course!
Tea: Yaupon, once you get the right combination of leaves, water, etc. it's outstanding
TV Show: NCIS - Abbey rocks! Well, rocked. I was really sad she left the team/show.

So my questions for you...

  1. Which photo do you like best?
  2. What fact surprised you the most?
  3. What do we have in common?

So glad you stopped! Come again soon!


  1. Nice story about Kaya.
    I can answer question #2 and 3 without thinking about it. Two of her favorite bands surprised me and for #3 we both have that in common. Tool is my second favorite band and amazing/mind blowing to see live. I love Disturbed and have been lucky to see them live also. Plus she loves NCIS. I think I like image #6 the best...just something about it.

    1. Six is a good one.
      I haven't seen Tool or Disturbed in person, but bet they put on a great show. I'm glad you got to see them!

  2. Awesome pictures! Kaya is so pretty, :) I enjoyed learning about her! My sister has those same boots for her doll! (the brown ones with the fringey things) :)

    1. Aren't those boots the best?! They are my favorites.

  3. Ooh, we both love Anne of Green Gables. I've played Anne on a play before, and that was really fun.

    I have to admit I love photo #8 best. Kaya looks so cute with her dog. Pets are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing. I really love this series.

    Morgan from the TN Girls

    1. That's cool! Anne is such a great character! 8 is one of my favorites too.

      Glad you're enjoying this post series!