Monday, August 28, 2017

Trail Ride

Lovely Weather

Kaya, Lea, both

I'm so glad we could get to the trail today.
Me too!
You're lagging behind.
I like when Butterbrandy saunters.
Yeah. This is a take it easy kind of trail.

Hey. If you look really closely through the trees you can see the reservoir.
Neat! I wonder if anyone is out boating.
Speaking of wondering...I wonder what the others are up to at home.
Let's find out.
I bet they have tea.
(laughing) Yep!
End of the trail. 
(sighing) The water is so beautiful and peaceful.
Yeah, it's not stormy though. 
(thoughtfully) Yeah. 

Lousy Weather

Our hearts go out to those suffering in the wake of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. We know that even when the waters recede your trials will not be completely over. We're doing what we can up here to help as well as sending love and prayers for your safety.

Tchau! Come again soon!

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