Friday, August 25, 2017

Fun Friday: Reader Challenge

Raiding the Wardrobe

Reader Responses

Hi! A few weeks ago I asked for readers to raid their wardrobes and put together a few outfits to share here. Then I kept checking the inbox. We received three responses and a total of seven really cool outfits.

From Jen and Brianna at Dolls Between Us
Julie heads out in this cute ensemble.
Top: Julies Summer Skirt Set
Jeans: Saige's Parade Outfit
Shoes: Lanie's Meet Outfit
Choker: Julie's Birthday Dress
Bracelets: Our Generation

From Jill in New Zealand
These outfits have the added advantage of a skilled seamstress and the clothes are all handmade. The accessories (shoes and jewelry) are store bought.

First: Kit ready to window shop in Paris
Details: Vintage, dark denim shift dress with matching fur beret and scarf and black, patent leather Mary Janes.

Second: Libby embracing her Scottish heritage.
Details: White sheath dress under a tartan cape with black flats.

Third: Nadia the artist; casual and chic.
Details: Paint-splattered tee over denim cut off shorts with head scarf and blue, ruffled sandals.

Fourth: Nadia the boho barefooter
Details: Drawstring natural print dress with leather belt and chain bracelet.

Fifth: Kit styling florals
Details: Floral tank top over pale pink leggings with navy beret and aqua/teal shoes.

From Light4theLord at Dolls N' All
Noelle is ready for anything in this country style outfit.
Details: Crop top, leotard (Isabelle's Rosette Leotard), denim capris, boots, and a bandana. You can see Noelle in more poses with this outfit here.

Great outfits everyone! 
Thank you so much for participating in our reader challenge.

Á bientôt!


  1. So much fun! Sorry we weren't home to share some photos too!

    1. Next time. :) We have an idea for either September or October. :)