Monday, July 3, 2017

The Sisters Tag

Or Sisters Award

Kaya and Kirsten

Hi! We were nominated for this interesting challenge by Carol and Lea over at AG's Wondrous World. The Sisters Tag.
The rules are simple.

  • Give a shout out and link to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the eleven questions.
  • Nominate more sisters.
  • Have fun!

We're thrilled Carol and Lea chose us because as sisters we are unique. And we bet you know sisters like us.
So here we go!

1. Which of you is older?
I am! 
Kaya's birthday is May 13 while mine is June 8.

2. What's your favorite thing to do together?
Lego building!

3. What's your sister's favorite food?
Kirsten loves apples. 
Kaya loves berries.

4. What's a character trait in the other you appreciate?
Kaya is generous.
Kirsten is super kind.

5. What's a character trait in the other you don't appreciate?
Okay, so Kaya can be reckless. That's not fun.
Ha, Kirsten can be a mule.

6. What's a hobby you have that the other doesn't?
Kaya's a horsewoman.
Kirsten can sew.

7. Who keeps a cleaner room?
She does. (laughing)

8. What's the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?
She leaves her hair ribbons everywhere and then asks if I've seen a particular color. Ugh!
Two things are tied. First, when Kaya takes my apples to the horses. Second, which may be the worst after all. Kaya and Melody leave their lacrosse equipment laying around, but Kaya leaves her mouth guard on the bathroom counter.
Hey! After I've brushed it! It has to dry!
Still not pleasant.

9. Describe each other in three words.
Generous, adventurous, creative.
Kind, skilled, thoughtful.

10. How do you differ personality-wise?
Kaya is brilliant on the cello; she's a musician.
Kirsten is definitely more quiet and pensive.

11. Why do you love your sister? (You know you do.)
Haven't we covered that in the previous questions? Well, she's just awesome who she is and I know if I ever need her, she will be there for me and have my back.
For being who she is and knowing she is a great listener. Whether ideas, jokes, problems, Kirsten has a great ear.


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If you want to grab our tag button at the top, we give permission to do so.

Have a great day!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the award!I really liked reading their answers!