Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Movie Day 7 Plus

80s Movies

Good, Bad, and Meh

Grace, Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Lea, Melody, 2 or more

Meh equals "so so."
No, we didn't watch three movies.
Only two.
But our reviews fit all three descriptions. (giggles)
The trip down to Lady Webby's was super quick. 
Xyra took a new route and had Babbling Betty squawking at her most of the way down.
Babbling Betty is what we call the GPS.
Once we arrived we got settled in downstairs. 
Then we got our lunch plates.
Lady Vanyer made cheese enchiladas.
Super yummy!
Xyra brought some cucumber sandwiches.
They were okay. A little soggy. And too much chive.
We have to make a few notes on that recipe.
Once we settled back in we started the first movie.

The Pirate Movie

Okay, so we've seen The Pirates of Penzance a few times.
Xyra is a HUGE Gilbert and Sullivan fan.
The Pirate Movie follows that premise.
And includes a few of the songs. With adjusted lyrics.
And new songs too.
It's rated PG because of lots of innuendos.
Some language.
It's kind of funny. Kind of cheesy. Well, really cheesy.
Not terrible.
Not fabulous.
Mabel and Fredric were cute.
I didn't like the Pirate King. 
He wasn't nearly as fun as the "real pirate king."
Or the Dread Pirate Roberts for that matter. (laughing)
Had a nice ending.

Between Shows

I'm heading up for some shortbread. Anyone want anything?
Could I have some Pirate Booty?
I'll come with you.
This is really good.
Here you go, Haley.
Thank you. I love this stuff! But I'll share. This is a big cup.

Second Feature: The Money Pit

This is an interesting one. 
I think I've seen this one pop up while channel surfing.
Yeah, me too.
A popular Tom Hanks movie.
PG for adult situations, language, and maybe violence.
But not fighting. That comedic stuff called slapstick. 
Ridiculous stuff when the house starts falling apart.
And when it gets put back together.
Looks great in the end.
Getting there is rough.

Heading Home

Man, I wish we could stay and watch another.
Yeah, that would be fun.
Not sure there was another obnoxious blond guy in the selections.
Max and the Pirate King really were something!
Ooo, I stood up too quickly!
You okay, Mel.
Sure thing.


Hi! I wouldn't let you go without the plus part! Lady Vanyer, Xyra, and I went to see Despicable Me 3. It was funny and weird and nice. We had a great time! But it was raining so no pictures. We took this one the day after.
I had fun doing the minion word search from Laura Kelly.
Just can't find Dr Nefario.
Anyway, one of the best parts of Despicable Me 3, spoiler alert, was during the minion chase scene...they sing a minion version of Modern Major General from The Pirates of Penzance and The Pirate Movie. All three of us laughed so hard I thought we'd fall out of our seats. Tears were falling!

There is a clip of the minions on YouTube. It's not quite as good here, but really good in the movie. I guess you have to see the whole thing to get it right.

Have you seen any good movies lately? What do you recommend?

Best wishes.


  1. Agree with you on The Pirate Movie, cheesy but cute. I loved Mabel's wedding dress though, I wanted to make a prom dress like that!

    Only thing we've seen recently was Despicable Me 3! (imagine that)

    1. Mabel's wedding dress was great! I remember wanting one too.

      Hope Cassandra liked the movie!

  2. From Julie's doll mom, Sharry:

    I remember The Pirate Movie from the 80s. Our family had gone to see it at the local drive-in. When "renting videos" first became a thing, our local library started carrying videos to borrow. On Friday afternoons after school, my dad used to send me and his girlfriend's daughter to the library to get 2 videos, one for the younger siblings and one for the rest of us. If my little half-brother, (age 5 at that time) happened to be along we HAD to get The Pirate Movie. *groan* I saw that movie at least 10 times back then. It must have been traumatizing, 'cos I blocked it out. LOL! Well maybe except the battering ram "Avon Calling" part. And I do like The Money Pit and watch it whenever it happens to be on TV.

    1. Hahaha! Sharry, at least you were kind of coerced. I watched it over and over on HBO by my own choice. Love the Avon battering ram! And Mabel's suitcase boombox! I think I watched it more for the Pirates of Penzance parts than the more modern stuff. The pairing of everyone at the end was always fun.

    2. "You and you, you and you, you and...you" 😂